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Weird icy protuberance on water bowl

Observed: 28th January 2011 By: RosBromwich
weird icy protuberance 2
weird icy protuberance

This strange upwards icicle formed on a bowl of water by the back door. Have not seen anything similar before.

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Nerw Scientist -

over the years has run various articles about the strange shapes produced by freezing (or re-freezing) water.
The various explanations are often speculative, but the key factor is that water is most dense at about 4 deg C. In other words, it loses density and expands as it freezes, which virtually no other solid does. This is why pipes burst in frost, and why ice floats in your drink.
This doesn't entirely explain your photo, I know. but I think that it is the underlying cause.
By the bye, experiments have proved that a saucer of warm water put out for birds on an icy morning will freeze faster than an equal volume of cold water straight from the tap.
I think they're still arguing about why...

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Warm water is used for

Warm water is used for re-icing ice rinks for the same reason - I can't remember the explanation I was given though!

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Ice Stalagmite?

Perhaps it formed where a drip was falling in to the bowl? The ice would gradually build up, much in the way a stalagmite does.