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Footprints in the snow

Observed: 23rd January 2011 By: Kevin Albin
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I think these are mole prints

I think these are mole prints - can anyone confirm?

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Marks in the snow

I really can not say what did this. It is probably a mammal, the two parralel lines have matching indents so are possibly the legs on each side of the body. Without a scale I can not even guess. The trouble is I can not think of anything which would drag its legs (the lines) between jumps (the indents). Sorry.

I can say it is not a mole, a mole would have a single drag mark between the footprints where its stomach would drag through the snow.

Having had another look the only animal I can think of which would make marks like this would be a two legged one, a bird. Again without a scale I have no idea which.

Graham Banwell

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