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Lichen on hedge branches

Observed: 14th November 2009 By: aw5934
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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An established garden hedge showing green growth at base branches. I'm not really sure what this growth is, lichen or algae. Could be desmococcus.


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Sorry, but this isn't a

Sorry, but this isn't a Physcia either - could you post a link to the similar image that you found online?

Desmococcus (algae) is usually a yellow-green colour but Lepraria species are a greyish-blue leprose lichen.
Lepraria incana is a common species on shaded, acidic trees and rocks that can be found in urban areas.

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Hi Jenny,

Thanks for taking a look at these. I'm a real beginner at identification. I'm finding it interesting but difficult at the moment to identify lichens. I had no idea there were so many different types. I'll retrace my steps and take a closer look at the image i originally compared it with.


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Being interested and prepared

Being interested and prepared to look closer is the best way to start learning and after a while you become more aware of the (often small) details that help with identification.

There are some good basic guides available by post from the Field Studies Council:

There are 2000+ different species in the UK but within any area or micro-habitat you will only come across a few of these!