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Ice tree 2+

Observed: 31st January 2011 By: judes
ice tree 2+
ice tree 2

well...another example of a strange ice tree...this time across a field at the edge of a copse... seen when driving along the Mendips near the top of Cheddar Gorge. I only had my phone to take a photo from the road...could not get closer. Any explanation?!


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Ice tree

I would suspect a small high pressure leak in a field water pipe.Can be the only time they get noticed unless water meters are checked .


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Foxy is probably spot on -

That blue plastic pipe that farmers lay to supply drinking troughs is usually under quite high pressure, and if it freezes, or is cut by accident or intent, the water sprays out quite vigorously.

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ice tree

oh....so no curse of the Ice Queen then? ;)

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When the farmer discovers -

the burst pipe... by definition on a very cold day... with thirsty livestock to attend to... I think there might just be a bit of cursing!