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Fungus under a fir

Observed: 19th April 2009 By: Jonathan
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This fungus was growing in a semi-circle under a specimen Abies


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Very interesting, the two

Very interesting, the two things that sprang to mind when i saw the image were (a) boletus edulis (due to the stem and overall appearance, they can be white as well as brown) or (b) St George's mushroom. However it could well be neither of these, was there any evidence of gills or pores on the underside. presumably it was actually spotted on 19 april? I suspect that area has a huge range of different fungi although it may also be well studied especially by the new forest fungus group, I have a copy of their fungus flora if this might be of any help.

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Yes, I saw it on 19th April.

Yes, I saw it on 19th April. Presumably when the fruiting bodies spore it will be easier to ID.

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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They just look rather strange

They just look rather strange to me, the most likely is St George's mushroom but habitat rather dodgy and no sign of gills. mushrooms sometimes do turn out very deformed e.g. the large cortinarius that occur under the oaks by east carparking on campus at walton hall each of the past two years have been horribly deformed whereas other species growing with them have been fine.