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This beetle came to my mothtrap,it might be some kind of longhorn,on an egg carton, print might give scale.

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It has the black end of the rearmost femur -

That my book says is diagnostic.

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Hi Roger, in my experience both cryptica and pallida have narrow black tips to the hind femora, which book says that it is diagnostic for cryptica?

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Diagnostic -

You're right, it seems. The guide I have is an copy of sections from a veteran book by - I'm pretty sure - someone called Joy. It was "spirit-copied" by our zoology master at school (1970), as part of our A-level course, one of several parts of the curriculum he didn't have time to cover properly, and is falling apart ( a bit like the owner). I think we were one of his less able classes...
On the web I can find at least one site that agrees with you.

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Norman Joy's "A Practical Handbook of British Beetles" is an amazing book and despite dating from 1932 there is nothing more recent that attempts to cover the entire British beetle fauna. It's still a useful book to have, and is currently available as a CD from Pisces Conservation Ltd, but inevitably suffers from all the name changes, new species and new knowledge that has accumulated since 1932. Joy only knew of C. pallida and doesn't include C. cryptica.

For more information on Joy see Mark Telfer's website:

See also Fitton and Eversham's key to "Soldier beetles and allies" available to download from the Wildlife Trusts here:

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