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Icicled bush 8-1-03 001

Observed: 8th January 2003 By: jan_rixjan_rix’s reputation in Plantsjan_rix’s reputation in Plantsjan_rix’s reputation in Plants
icicled bush 8-1-03 001
icicled bush 8-1-03 004
icicled bush 8-1-03 009

another example of a single bush iced dramatically from traffic splashing up from the road.
for comparison with ispot http://www.ispot.org.uk/node/109701


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Lovely effect

Thank you for posting these lovely shots, particularly the 2nd one with the fern like icicles and the reflection of the tree in the puddle. In yours the clue is in the puddle!

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Agreed -

Like the post you're responding to, this is a good shot of an interesting side-effect of human activity.
I wonder what impacts this sort of event, which can't be all that rare, creates?