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Frozen tree

Observed: 30th January 2011 By: judes
ice tree 1
frozen tree

Spotted whilst driving along A39 on the Polden Hills ...went back to take a photos! It was cold (around 0deg) but nothing else in the area was frozen or frosted.


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I hope someone solves this mystery! It looks amazing - well done for stopping!

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Great shots of an interesting event -

I assume that it was sprayed with water - but why is a mystery. There is obviously standing water on the road - maybe passing vehicles just kept up the supply.
In USA (and probably elsewhere), farmers spray water onto crops to build up an insulating layer when frost is a risk. Because it takes a lot of energy to change the temperature of even a small amount of water, a thin ice layer can form on the outside of the water layer, and effectively insulate the fruit inside.

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I have also witnessed the same on a bush here a few years ago...

...where there had been a huge puddle along the road-gutter just by that bush, and the passing traffic sprayed just that bush, the neighbouring hedge remained winter-brown. Like this, it was an amazingly dramatic sight! I will put up a post of my photos too...