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Evergreen shrub

Observed: 28th January 2011 By: poppetpoppet’s reputation in Plants

Evergreen shrub with bell-shape winter flowers

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Thanks cricketmoth!
Does anyone know when this tree have fruits? I guessed that this one is too young and that is why it has not any fruits.. (accourding to my book the previous years fruits ripen as new years flower opens)but is is something to do with something else?

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Your book is correct so you can expect fruit around October/November time. If a plant is old enough to flower I would I have thought it could fruit although of course the flowers need to be fertilised. The fruit are edible although the specific name of the commonest is unedo which means roughly "eat one" implying you wouldn't want to eat more than one. I've tried one and it wasn't that bad although I wouldn't describe them as delicious!

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strawberry tree

It's not unusual to see these with flowers,flower buds and fruit all at the same time.The fruit is bland tasting though blackbirds like them.One of my friends made some wine with fruit I collected,had a lovely colour but rather tasteless.


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sorry my comment was not clear...

Hi, thanks for comments. I didn't make it clear, but what I meant was that this tree I pictured did not have fruits. Is it common not to have fruits when the tree is old enough to flower?