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Unknown, would like some information please

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caddis fly
compare with this post I made the other day.
Not sure it's the same species but there is an expert out there.

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caddis fly

Thank you. It definatly looks very similar. I shall go and 'read up' on them.

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caddis fly

If I'm the 'expert' Tim is referring to then this is going to show how limited my knowledge of caddis really is! This is definitely a caddis, but it's not a species I recognise. It's not Limnephila lunata, the species Tim had, as the wings are broader, have black streaks between the veins, and don't have the 'lunate' transparent area at the tip of the wing.

Pretty certain it's a species I've not seen, but I've only been looking at caddis for a short while and there's lots I haven't seen! Will see if I can find someone who really is an expert to have a look. The best match I can find just from looking at some pictures is Halesus radiatus, but it would be good to get that confirmed.

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