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Lonely Knot

Observed: 29th January 2011 By: Nature girl
Royal Society for the Protection of Birds
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knot or dunlin

Very difficult without seeing the full bill, but the barring on the flanks strongly suggests knot rather than dunlin. Perhaps Nature girl has a photo showing the bill in its entirety.

Bob Ford

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It may well be a ID was made fairly hastily upon looking at the apparently very dark legs.

Looking again, the bill does seem quite short...

Interesting how such essentially different species can sometimes appear so similar.


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Yes sorry, they're not very

Yes sorry, they're not very good pictures. Luckily I've discovered one in my Recycle Bin showing the whole bill, which should clear up this confusion! I'll add it on.

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Nature- Girl's Knot (or Dunlin)

The Eye-stripe suggests "Knot"-(RSPB Birds by Name site)

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knot a dunlin

The new photo confirms it - the bird is a knot. A dunlin would have a noticeably longer bill, slightly down-curved near the tip. Dunlins are also far smaller than knot, but a lone bird is difficult to size.

Bob Ford