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I'll name that gull in ................... part 1

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Gull One
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Sorry, obviously had this open for 10 mins as tootsietm's ID wasn't showing when I added mine!

Abbey Burn
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first winter herring gulls

To be pedantic, they can't be juvenile and first winter at the same time. In birds, the term juvenile is reserved for a particular plumage that the bird has when it is first out and about. Most gulls lose their juvenile plumage when they moult into a first winter plumage in early autumn or late summer. In herring gulls this change is most evident on the mantle feathers, which are mottled in the first winter plumage and quite different from the dark juvenile feathers.

Some herring gulls still have their juvenile plumage in November, but most are in the first winter plumage, as these are.

Bob Ford