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Rabbit (?) Skull

Observed: 28th January 2011 By: geekwholikesfrogs
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Approx 5cm long. Judging from what lives in the area, I would assume rabbit, but the teeth look a bit spiky for that - I always though rabbit teeth were much flatter - less used perhaps?

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Definitely not rabbit

The teeth are definitely not those of a rabbit. Rabbits and hares (Lagomorphs) have a long gap (diastema)between the incisors (at the front)and the cheek-teeth. Also the surface of rabbits' teeth is not smooth like these. From the teeth, the overall size and widely-arched cheekbones, I'd agree that this is a hedgehog skull.

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Yes, the dentition is right for hedgehog, as well as the shape of the skull. Nice find.

Graham Banwell

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Aside from the general shape and dentition, the feature that confirms it as a hedgehog is the presence of 'palatal vacuities', in this speciment the large heart shaped hole in the palate between the back molars. This doesn't always take the shape of a heart; sometimes it can be two vacuities. Marsupials have them, but the hedgehog is the only UK placental mammal to have them.