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Mackay's Heath

Observed: 13th November 2009 By: Stumpy

Purple tips of flower's and almost lilac flower.

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was this photographed

was this photographed recently or back in the summer, it has todays date for the observation(you can change the date when you make the observation), initially I thought it looked like cornish heath but I do seem to recall there were other unusual species in the truro area. was it growing in the wild or in a garden (or could it have been a garden escape?)

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Was photographed today

Was photographed today 13/11/2009.It was in a old folks appartment garden.But this was my first time of seeing it today.

I'm a student so be gentle.

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OK, I think its a cultivated

OK, I think its a cultivated plant and possibly E. carnea which is from southern europe.