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Observed: 21st January 2011 By: DavidHowdon
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1663 Common Redpoll_D_03

One of a tricky group. Some authorities regard Lesser Redpoll and Mealy Redpoll to be the different sub-species of the same species and some treat them as different species.

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Far too pale for Lesser.

I would say that a redpoll that is this pale is more difficult to separate from (Coues's) Artic Redpoll, Carduelis (hornemanni) exilipes, than from Lesser Redpoll.
The relatively long bill and heavily streaked undertail coverts are two features that point towards Mealy Redpoll being the correct ID.

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Too pale for Lesser

It is much too pale for Lesser. The streaks on the undertail coverts rules out Coue's Arctic Redpoll so I think Mealy Redpoll is the correct ID.