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Observed: 26th December 2010 By: borismorris2510borismorris2510’s reputation in Birdsborismorris2510’s reputation in Birds

Flew across the garden past our bird feeders and settled on the fence.

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Nice shot.

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I was shocked to find one of these hiding in my hedge a few days ago - close to the bird feeders. I had never seen a sparrowhawk before but you know when you have seen one - the eyes are so bright and piercing. My sudden appearance scared it off but I suspect it will be back. I hope I am prepared and have the camera with me next time.

You did well to get this photograph.

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Sparrow Hawk

A new light on the discussion about the sustainability of bird feeders: clearly they can be integral to supporting a complex food chain. I have had one of these in my garden twice, and they often patrol the skies above residential areas-are they garden birds?

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Sparrow Hawk

We have one just like that in our garden, which hunts the sparrows and tits out of a 13ft high privet hedge we have. It is eary how quiet the locale is when he is around! Well done for the photo!

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I like the annecdote about the light at the end of the tunnel - very good!