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Common Darter

Observed: 11th October 2009 By: rupesyroorupesyroo’s reputation in Invertebrates

about 40mm in length. burnt orange so i've read a mature male

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If legs black with yellow stripe, then Common darter. If legs entireley black, then Ruddy. Common also has red veins at base of wings. As it was seen in November I would agree it was a common, as they are probably the last on the wing in UK, seen well into Nov.

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This should be in the 'invertebrates' category- so the insect experts will see it :-)


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how late do they fly?

Is it weather/temperature that dictates how late in the year this dragonfly flies as I'm still seeing them regularly in Norfolk, including today.

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flight period

Yes, I think they will remain on the wing for as long as the weather allows them to, and there have been records in December.

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