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Harlequin - Brandon Hill

Observed: 24th January 2011 By: Martin Harvey
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Harmonia axyridis - Brandon Hill

iSpot's most popular species put in an appearance at today's mini-bioblitz in Bristol, on the beating tray from a conifer. (We also found a Seven-spot Ladybird but I managed to lose it before anyone could take a photo.)

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Harlequin - Brandon Hill

It couldn't be the melanic form of the 2-spot Ladybird could it? I gather that has 4 red spots. Another possibility is the Pine Ladybird, said to be smaller and darker than the Harlequin - less likely I think but are there pine trees on Brandon Hill?

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Both the Pine and the melanic

Both the Pine and the melanic quadripunctata form of the 2-spot do look similar to this, but the clue to look for is the front pair of red spots - in 2-spot, they are squarish and reach the edges of the elytra, and in Pine the spots are a crescent or comma-shape. Both those species also have black legs, rather than the brown of the Harlequin (which this specimen is)

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