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Horse Mushroom

Observed: 10th November 2009 By: StumpyStumpy’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens

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I wonder if you could edit

I wonder if you could edit the location of this observation as it appears to be in the sea, presumably the Rosewarne you are referring to is near Camborne (on land). Many years ago I used to work there.
I don't think this is a horse mushroom, did you smell it, several of the Agaricus species have very distinctive smells, one species that looks a bit like your photo and can be bigger than horse mushroom is Agaricus augustus, it smells strongly of bitter almonds

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I think ive sorted it now

I think ive sorted it now Mike thanks.

I'm a student so be gentle.

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Position looks much better

Position looks much better now, have you sniffed your bitter almonds?

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No, but i did try the

No, but i did try the strawberry tree.It looks like lychees.
Taste sweet then very bitter yuk!

I'm a student so be gentle.

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Strawberry tree

The latin name of the strawberry tree is Arbutos unedo. The epithet 'undeo' translate as 'eat just one' ... which is probably telling you something about its edibility - or lack of.

Jerry C

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lol that makes sense,only

lol that makes sense,only tried abit so did half my course in break time.College is a lerning,learnt not to try wierd fruits lol.

I'm a student so be gentle.