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Back view of a grey squirrel

Observed: 24th January 2011 By: Ed DrewittEd Drewitt’s reputation in Mammals
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How times have changed

Thorburn's Mammals, originally published in two volumes in 1920-1 (and re-published in one volume in 1974) contained 50 watercolours of British mammals by Archibald Thornton. There's a beautiful painting of a Red Squirrel, referred to by Thorburn as 'The Common Squirrel' and no sign of the Grey Squirrel. Here's an extract from Thorburn's description of the Red Squirrel: 'In England, Wales, and Scotland, the [Red] Squirrel is indigenous and common in most wooded districts...'. (I added the [Red] to Thorburn's text.)

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And never to return I suspect!

After culling 300+ per year in 600 acres of land, for the last 10 years, I have realised that I am fighting a losing battle!...They simply spill in from outlying gardens where the misinformed continue to feed them.

I have serious doubts about the future of mature mixed woodlands in the UK.. I will continue to fight however.

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I have to say, I'm surprised it took you 10 years and 300+ dead squirrels to realise that you were fighting a losing battle. Grey squirrels are here to stay and we have to concentrate on helping red squirrel populations to grow and expand. Apologies, as this should probably be in the grey squirrel Mammals Forum thread, but I just couldn't resist a reply.

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