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Is this a male linnet?

Observed: 23rd January 2011 By: AnnaBrk

This bird spent about 10 mins on my nyger feeder, eating and just generally hanging out, on 23 Jan 2011. I wondered if it was a male linnet, but if so, wouldn't this be its summer plumage?

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I wondered about mealy redpoll -

Because it looks a bit odd for a linnet in the illustrations I have. But there are images of linnets on the web that look very like this.

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For some reason the Lesser Redpoll isn't in my Collins, so I wasn't looking for photos of it on the web. Thanks for your help.

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Collins guide.

Lesser Redpoll is in the Collins guide as the 'caberet' race of (Common) Redpoll.

Many authors/authorities (including most in Britain) now treat Lesser Redpoll as a separate species, Carduelis caberet, with Common (or Mealy) Redpolls, Carduelis flammea, now a scarce winter visitor to the UK from further north. This recent 'split' has not been adopted by the authors of the Collins guide, so it still appears as Carduelis flammea caberet.

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Found it. I was expecting it

Found it. I was expecting it to have a separate entry in the index.