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Oedemera nobilis

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IMG_4270 (2)

Can't quite decide re Oedemera. If its a male, I would have thought the thighs would be thicker and shinier than here - on my present understanding. Is it a female Oedemera?

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Yes, I think it is a female....but I could be wrong!

Andy Keay

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Might it be Oedemera nobilis?

The wing covers (elytra) touch the whole length of the body and end in red tips in Malachius bipustulatus.
The wing covers of Oedemera nobilis separate as seen in your photo.
A recently re-published guide, Michael Chinery's Insects of Britain and Western Europe (ISBN: 9780713672398) has illustrations of both beetles. Hope this helps

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Oedemera nobilis

Not the best of photos so thank you all for your help