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Observed: 1st December 2010 By: UllaHarris

I find these quite often in the middle of wood paths in the National Park .... could they b pinemartin or fox ??

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Usually badgers dig a scrape and poo in that but not always.It does look badgery however.

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Berry faeces

I'm afraid it is impossible to say what has done this; it could be badger, fox, martin, even rat or a bird - they all eat berries. The trouble is berries cause loose faeces because they pass through the gut very fast. Unfortunately, the speed of digestion also means birds eating berries do not always deposit the characteristic white Uric acid in their faeces.

If you see them often on a pathway I would suggest rat or bird were more likely, badgers would only occasionally defecate without digging a latrine as the latrines are territory markers; surely pine martins are not that common there; and foxes don't tend to defecate in the same place regularly. However, there is just not enough information in the photograph, size would be a help, have you any idea how big the droppings were?

Graham Banwell

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