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Separation of Fungi and Lichen

I would like to see Fungi and Lichen as separate groups. It would make browsing observations easier if they were separate. I know Lichen are composed of fungi & algae but they aren't really either. So I think they should be given a separate observation folder.



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This is something that is

This is something that is currently being worked on. There are a few issues, for example how much dividing up do you do especially for the invertebrates.

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Would it be possible to make it customisable, so if I want to filter what I see to a particular taxonomic group I can. Thus I could have 'invertebrates' or 'insects' or 'lepidoptera' as I desired and other users could have broader or narrower groups to their preference too.

David Howdon

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More confusion?

The more categories we have, the greater the chances of observations being posted in the wrong one.

People quite regularly are not sure if they have a (non-lichenised) fungus or a lichen. Often it will be a Peltigera or a Cladonia. At present, they go into the same category and will be seen by the people most likely to be able to help.

My personal view is that lichens and other fungi are best kept together.


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It is also my view that this will cause more confusion.If you did this with Fungi and Lichen's were would it stop how many categories would you have for invertebrates.I feel the system is fine as it is and all we would achieve is over complicating a perfectly good system as it is.