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Canada Goose

Observed: 23rd January 2011 By: kathkath’s reputation in Birdskath’s reputation in Birdskath’s reputation in Birds

These geese have been visiting Yarrow Valley Country Park for some years now but last year they breed for the first time. There were only 2 goslings and, unfortunately, the resident male mute swan killed both of them within the first few weeks.

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I remember a pond in Kidderminster -

where nature was truly red in tooth and - claw - or at least beak and webbed feet!
The swans tried to kill Canada goslings, both of these species persecuted mallard ducklings; and just about everyone concerned (including their own parents) attacked coot chicks.
To add to the fun, there was a very large pike that also took the young of anything that swam.

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Survival of the fittest

Nature is as it is, I suppose.

I have heard others say that they have seen coots attack their own chicks but I only ever seen them taking care of them.

I once saw the swan jump right out of the water, in pain, shaking its foot and I did wonder whether a pike had bit it.

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Coot chick persecution -

I'm not sure how common it is, I only saw it once, and read about it as a result. It may be a response to food shortage - selecting the weakest chick that would probably not survive anyway, to give the others a chance. "Selfish genes" in action?