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Deer in the back garden

Observed: 22nd July 2009 By: clydehintonclydehinton’s reputation in Mammals

Looking through the window, I saw first one, then two, then three deer. They were there long enough to allow me to take these and loads more pictures.

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Roe deer fawn

An amazing observation. These are three roe deer fawns. They have lost their spots but still look like babies. Also there are no signs of pediceles (base of an antler). Therefore they are probably around 2-3 months old. At this age I'd expect them to still be with their dam (mother roe deer). It is possible they are from the one dam and she has left them to feed. However, it is very unusual for her to do this (it is possible she is mating again and they've temorarily been driven off by a rutting male), also only around 5% of roe deer have triplets. More likely they are orphans which have clubbed together. Is there a lot of hunting of deer in your area of the Dordogne?

They are roe deer because of the dark smudge on the forehead and muzzle, black tip to the muzzle and white lips. Also the overall shape, the jizz, screams roe deer. They are very young animals because of the general 'baby animal' appearance, i.e. everything is out of proportions - over-large eyes and ears. over-long legs etc. They look rather skinny and wobbly? This again makes me wonder if they are orphans who have clubbed together for protection in this vulnerable period of their lives.

Watch out and see if they ever return with an adult.

Graham Banwell

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Lucky You!

Some very cute photos!


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