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Yellow headed hazel sawfly

Observed: 12th October 2009 By: terrycrynantterrycrynant’s reputation in Invertebratesterrycrynant’s reputation in Invertebratesterrycrynant’s reputation in Invertebrates
yellow head
Croesus septentrionalis

One of the caterpillars in the third photo has a yellow head but retains the black pigment in the body.Can anyone give me any information about this.I observed these caterpillars for a few weeks until one day they were all gone.Were they eaten or do they all go to pupate on the same day.

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I suspect that they do all

I suspect that they do all pupate together, because there is safety in numbers and if you are the last one left on the leaf, I would have thought that the chances of being eaten or parasitized are higher. There is quite a lot of synchrony in nature driven by this. For example,seed production in plants (esp trees) varies a lot from year to year and survival is higher when plants are synchonized and total seed production is at its greatest.

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