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Small black spider with red legs

Observed: 23rd October 2010 By: wmccauley
Merseyside BioBank
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treeshake spider 1
treeshake spider 2

This may be an immature spider as the body length was only 3mm. The body was entirely black but the legs are bright red. Another mature spider was on the tree at the same time Metellina segmentata, which I have recorded with red legs (but not in this case). Could they be related?

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The white stripe.......

The white stripe around the edge of the opisthoma make me think it could be a false widow spider, Steadota nobilis. But the photo is a bit fussy so this is just a guess.


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Looks like a linyphiid. but the photo is so blurry it's almost pointless trying to guess. It's not Metellina. Doesn't look right for a Steatoda either, in my opinion.

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Totally agree with Alan Thornhill. I can't see any white stripes, or is it a rear leg on the LHS of the left hand photo?