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Small insect with large antennae

Observed: 23rd October 2010 By: wmccauley
Merseyside BioBank
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very tiny insect

This had a body length of 2-3mm and was lurking in a birch sapling in deciduous woodland. Not much detail of the body as covered by the 2 wings, other than a narrow waist and pointed abdomen about the same length as the thorax. The head is very round. The antennae are proportionally very long, about 2/3 of the body length. The antennae are segmented into fairly uniform 12 rounded parts (moniliform?).

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Possible ID

I have found similar insects in woodland in Devon. I think this could be a Ichneumon species (parasitic wasp). Male as no ovipositor. I hope this helps.

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insect with long antennae

I think you are right with the wasp, but I appreciate the picture did not contain much detail.

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Certainly the right order, and probably a parasitic species, but not an ichneumon as they have over 16 antennal segments.