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Mucor on Mycena?

Observed: 11th November 2009 By: miked
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A small fungus on a bunch of past their sellby Mycena inclinata.


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Fantastic photo Miked. Would you say Mycena is Burgundydrop Bonnet? Sorry im just learning at the moment.

I'm a student so be gentle.

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No I think the Mycena is M.

No I think the Mycena is M. inclinata Clustered bonnet. The Mycenas can be a bit tricky and some of the pictures in the ID books are not the best of this group. there is a very good website on norwegian mycenas with a key and lots of photos.http://home.online.no/~araronse/Mycenakey/

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Spinellus fusiger

The mucoraceous fungus growing on the mycena is Spinellus fusiger (google it). It is a common parasite of Mycena spp.

Jerry C

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have added ID as suggested,

have added ID as suggested, thanks.