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White bird 003

Observed: 20th January 2011 By: val osborn
white bird 003

This bird has visited our front garden since the summer. It is smaller and more slender than a blackbird. Its beak is clearly orange. since December's cold it has come to the bird table eating greedily of mixed seeds and fruit. It realy is such a bright white in the garden. Needless to say we were worried we had lost it in the snow - Haven't seen it eating any of the other available food- fat balls, nuts, meal worms etc. sticks to the table for the seeds and goes to ground by the back door for the garden apples I put out.

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'white' (male) blackbird

On more than one occasion last year, in a churchyard in Leytonstone, on the edge of Epping Forest, I saw a male black with a white head but black not pink eyes so not an albino. I think your bird is something similar.

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Is the term, I think. Similar to albinism, but results from a reduction in all pigments, rather than just the lack of melanin.
Very striking bird - not easily mistaken for another!