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Black Kite 1

Observed: 7th February 2010 By: JAFJAF’s reputation in BirdsJAF’s reputation in BirdsJAF’s reputation in BirdsJAF’s reputation in Birds
Black Kite 1
Black Kite
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Really nice shot,hard to get one like that


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I agree! Specially second one

I agree! Specially second one with such beautiful wings spreading so wide!Thank you.


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Black kite

Beautiful bird. I can see no jesses: was it a true wild specimen?

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are they being introduced?

are they being introduced?

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Black Kite.

This juvenile Black Kite overwintered in the Rhayader area last winter,often visiting the Red Kite feeding station at Gigrin farm.

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Black Kite origins.

There was quite a lot of discussion about this bird (and its likely origins) on birding forums at the time it visiting Gigrin Farm (Jan-mid March 2010). There was a suggestion that it may be the eastern race lineatus, which is sometimes considered a separate species, although most were of the opinion that in was a nominate race bird (nigrans).

Obviously it's impossible to say for certain, but this may have been a wild bird (as far as I'm aware no reports similar aged/unringed escaped birds have been traced).
The time of year makes a wild origin seem unlikely, but it is certainly not impossible - there are now regular reports of wintering "summer" migrants (both regular species, and those previously only recorded as rare spring/autumn vagrants). It is not inconcievable that a juvenile Black Kite could have set off in the wrong direction, and then spent the winter in the UK (joining the numerous Red Kites coming for hand outs at Gigrin).

Black Kites are not being introduced to the UK, but regularly occur in small numbers as summer vagrants.

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black kite?

I honestley don't think this is a black kite although I can't say what it is it's probaly not ablack kite