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Lichens on Blackthorn

Observed: 11th November 2009 By: cp345

Looks like 3 different types of lichen on the one branch - a foliose (leafy), a fruiticose (rather spiky one)and a crustose (orange) - any clues as to what they might be? (though I guess the photo probably isn't good enough for ids)


No identification made yet.

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I've seen this profusion of

I've seen this profusion of fruticose lichens on blackthorn by the sea in the W.Country too. Fabulous, like heavy frost!

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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yes, it's a lovely sight -

yes, it's a lovely sight - looks rather Tolkien-esque.

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In the left photo: 1.

In the left photo:
1. Parmotrema perlatum - foliose, lobes sprinkled with white soralia, black cilia (hair-like) visible at the margins.
2. Parmelia sulcata: lobes with net-like white marks (reticulation).
3. Greenish-brown lobes - probably Melanelixia fuliginosa ssp. glabratula (previously Melanelia).
4. Probably Ramalina fraxinia, below the junction with twig and branch. Fruticose.
5. Bottom left corner, looks like Ramalina farinacea, narrow lobes, fruticose.

Right photo: that is a lot of Usnea!
Fruticose but not possible to say which species.

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lichen species

That's great - thank you! I'll check these out. The close up was taken a couple of feet below the main photo - is it unusual to have so many in one spot? I've also just discovered the detail you can get with the full-size image plus the additional magnification (I didn't expect my camera to show so much)- the Melanelixia looks completely different under the mag to what I expected.