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Yellow Tail 9.7.04

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Yellow Tail
Yellow Tail

Pictures show two typical postures. Larvae of this species are hairy and these hairs can cause serious irritation.

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So is that..................

So is that yellow horn it's abdomen cocked skyward? Strange. What's the reason for this adaptation?


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The yellow horn is the abdomen. Why it does this I don't know for sure. Maybe defence. There are a few species that do this, notably some of the carpets.

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The females have urticating hairs on their abdomen so the posture is a warning to predators that they may get hurt if the try to eat it.

The female also puts some of these hairs around the eggs she lays to protect them.

If I recall correctly the males do not have the irritating hairs but do have the yellow abdomen with which it warns predators away (which would make it a Batesian mimic on the other sex of its own species).

I also seem to recall that in one of the species with irritating hairs (possibly this one or possibly Brown tail) the hairs on the female's abdomen actually come from the shed larval skin left with the pupa when she emerges. She collects them with modified scales which pick them up on the tail.

Cannot recall where I read that one now so I could be mis-remembering.

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Both this species and the

Both this species and the Brown-Tail are protected at all life stages by the larva's hairs - they grow on the larva, are incorporated into the cocoon, picked up by the female on the end of the abdomen, and then deposited over the egg-batch to protect the eggs - natural recycling!

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They are lovely pics. What a splendid beast.

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Thanks so much for the feedback. This is really really interesting info which I had no idea about!