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Coal tit

Observed: 19th January 2011 By: B15DVEB15DVE’s reputation in BirdsB15DVE’s reputation in BirdsB15DVE’s reputation in Birds

My little mate the coal tit is back on the scene, now with a mississ in tow! the 4 pics just about cover every angle for ID purposes!

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by the amounbt of black on

by the amounbt of black on the 'bib' of photos one and four, thems the mrs.

males have a larger patch of black.

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Mr and Mrs

I would not be confident in sexing Coal tits in January by the bib. I would have thought that what is said about the size of the bib might apply to a breeding pair of adults, but these birds cannot be aged from these pictures. A young male would be similar to a female, for example. A breeding male would have a more glossy bib than a female, but it is not a simple thing to judge.

I suspect there is a lot of overlap, and you would need a sample to see the dfference.


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