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House spider

Observed: 19th January 2011 By: DWRayDWRay’s reputation in InvertebratesDWRay’s reputation in InvertebratesDWRay’s reputation in Invertebrates

Large dark brown spider. Rapid runner. Body 12 mm. Herring bone pattern on abdomen.
Pattern identifies but photo may not be good enough to show pattern.

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house spider

I thought that might be the case but the named picture in the book and the animal itself were remarkably alike! Thanks anyway.

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You need to examine the shape

You need to examine the shape and structure of the male pedipalps or the female genital aperture to get close to a species, and even then, with a specimen and microscope, it is not always easy.



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Tegenaria species

T. atrica is said to be common in Eire, but absent from Northern Ireland, but spiders don't need passports. Along the South Coast of England, T. gigantea occurs in Hampshire, and Eastern parts of Dorset, but T. saeva, apart from a single record, appears to be absent from Hants. The two species are very similar. Occasionally I find T.gigantea well away from houses, although I often find what I presume is their webs on old trees.