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strand of eggs in sand

Observed: 5th January 2011 By: Rosemary Doidge
Snail's eggs Jan 2011 001

I found this string of linked,clear,oval eggs under a flower pot standing outside in a tray of sand.The photograph shows the eggs placed on garden compost to give colour contrast.I had to use flash photography because of the low light level - and this makes the eggs look opalescent rather than clear and colourless - as they appear naturally.

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I've found the same in my

I've found the same in my garden in a pile of sandy turf. I await identification. I've no idea!

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I think what you have here

I think what you have here are the eggs of a slug. Probably not garden snail eggs since these are white and laid in clumps. See pic of Snail eggs here:

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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Hatch them?

I'd love to know what these eggs turn into. I've never noticed mollusc eggs in strings like that - probably just because I've never looked properly - but it's a very intriguing observation.