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White Satin Moth

Observed: 10th July 2007 By: allrounderallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebratesallrounder’s reputation in Invertebrates
White Satin Moth 10.7.07

A local species, commonest in the south east of England

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Nice photos

Great collection of moths and photos that you've posted. I wonder how many different species you've found? Were they all results of moth-trapping? They make me want to get/make my own trap. Can't wait till it warms up a bit and the insects are back out in force!

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Moth trapping

Thanks for your comments. You can buy ready made traps but are expensive. I have two traps, one made out of plywood and use an actinic strip light (bought from the internet or aquarium shops)the other I use an MV (mercury Vapour)light with a trap made from one of the old fashioned corrugated dustbins, an upturned light shade with the peak cut out, this allows the moths attracted to the light up above the trap to fall into the hole. It looks a sight for sore eyes but is very effective. Moth of the moths were captured at my old house, some seen by day and a few others out and about on mothing excursions. The last count I had captured 192 Macro moths in that garden. See for more info and how to build your own trap.

Please see my Flickr photo's

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That's a pretty impressive

That's a pretty impressive number! Thanks for the info, it'll be a good project for me in the summer.