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Ringed Plover Par Sands

Observed: 2nd January 2011 By: sac785
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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I assume ...

... you have not uploaded photos with your observations (though I understand some are experiencing difficulty at the moment). If you wish to you can by ‘browsing' for the relevant file, selecting it and then clicking ‘Attach the photo' when you are creating the observation. It is possible to add a picture retrospectively via the edit tab for a given observation.

I get the impression however you didn't intend to upload a photo in the first place. Not having a relevant image does not preclude participation in iSpot of course however if you would like conformation of your observation from other participants and experts a description is necessary. After all what makes you “I'm as sure as I can be” that you have seen a ringed plover? In addition we need to be sure what you are describing is a ringed plover too before we can agree. The description should be fairly full and mention the unique features or combination of features that separate this bird from any similar species. Once people start agreeing with your observations you will see that you will gain a ‘reputation'; this is a bit of fun but will have an effect on other people should you go on to agree with their observations.

Hope you found this useful,