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Male Pheasant

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male pheasant
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cock pheasant

this commonly referred to as a "Ringneck" because of the white ring on its neck Is this a variety or sub species or some other classification?

Alan Edwards

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The Ringnecked group is sometimes called the torquatus group (sub species torquatus is from China but I don't think it is safe to allocated British ones to a specific subspecies giving the origins and commercial breeding of these birds here).

Ones without the collar (and with a brown rump) are colchicus group (sub species colchicus is from SW Asia including Caucasus).

David Howdon

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I believe that the Pheasant came to Britain from Asia - from the Caucasus Eastwards to China. These birds apparently did not have the white neck ring. Some time in the 17th century birds from China, with white neck rings, were introduced.
Apparently adult cock pheasants differ quite a bit in plumage but the green head, red face and long tail are common to all Phasianus colchicus.

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Ring neck

Many thanks that seems to answer my question

Alan Edwards