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Veronica spp?

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Hi there.
I found this plant, creeping along the sandy bank of a river (which seemed to flood fairly regularly). The leaves are approx 1cm long. The stem is not hairy. Thought the petioles and leaves are (sparsely). The flower stalks are in lf axils.
I assumed it was a speedwell, but it doesnt match any of the descriptions - either form or habitat.
Any ideas?

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hi guys,

thanks for your help. Im not really convinced its ground ivy. It didnt have the distinctive smell for one thing. Also the leaves seem totally wrong.

Cheers, Laurie


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I agree!

As I said, 'it might be this', but I was not confident. Just couldn't think of anything better at the time...

I don't think it is Ground Ivy, but would like an answer...I know it will be obvious when someone says!

What else is it, then?



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haha, thanks ophrys. i appreciate any help or suggestions. it was a good guess.

Still none the wiser - ill show it to my botany club next time we meet. Ill keep you posted.



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It looks like Wood Speedwell,

It looks like Wood Speedwell, but the stems should be evenly hairy.

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