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Observed: 17th January 2011 By: YashcaYashca’s reputation in BirdsYashca’s reputation in BirdsYashca’s reputation in Birds

Saw these seagull like birds on the cliffs under Scarborough Castle. They made very odd sounds, and I thought their heads looked different to the seagulls I normally see. When i got home and looked online, I thought Fulmar seemed like a possibility, however the RSPB website shows them around British coasts only in summer. Sorry for the quality of the shot, I was very far away.

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The nostrils are visible towards the end of the beak on close up so I think they belong to the group called tubenoses The only white british example is a fulmar?

Alan Edwards

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Beautiful petrel with

Beautiful petrel with colouration similar to a gull. They are returning from the open ocean to breed now - I saw them here in Shetland yesterday for the first time since last breeding season.