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Observed: 14th January 2011 By: Chrissy Ledger

This spider has stayed on the wooden facade of our 3 year old school building for the last 4 days. It has only moved a couple of inches and sits motionless during the day. It is a little smaller than a 2p piece.

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I was thinking about the size also. A 2p is quite big and a female Araneus diadematus could be around that size whereas Nuctenea umbratica is a bit smaller, the colour and general shape appear right for Nuctenea umbratica though.

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Aren't female garden spiders

Aren't female garden spiders supposed to die in October? (Maybe this one hasn't read the book!) I also thought that they had to have a white cross on? I took my camera to get a better photo today but she had gone. Thanks for your comments.