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"Hover Fly"

Observed: 10th May 2007 By: Ivor Bend
Hover Fly

I took a picture of this fly on a dandelion and have been informed that it is a Syrphid Fly
Not too sure if this is correct as I have also been told it is a Hover Fly

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Very impressive picture of

Very impressive picture of this good looking hoverfly

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Syrphidae is the Latin name

Syrphidae is the Latin name of the family of hoverflies, so both your informants were correct.



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Being a male (eye margins parallel across top of head) separates this from H. hybridus, which has continuous orange down the side of the tergites. The pattern then looks more like pendulus than trivittatus, as the latter has very clear lemon-yellow on the tergites.

However, I always prefer a fly in the hand, especially as colour changes on the screen, compared to real life.


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