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Processionary caterpillars

Observed: 12th March 2009 By: clydehinton
Processionary caterpillars 2
Processionary caterpillars 3
Processionary caterpillars 4
Processionary caterpillars 5
Processionary caterpillars 1

I saw these near Grignols, Dordogne, France in March 2008. At first I thought it was a snake! There is something very sinister about 30 or so caterpillars all moving together. I was told by locals that they can make short work of trees by removing all their leaves. A few days after I saw these, I came across some more trying to cross a fairly busy main road! I counted about 100 caterpillars, about half of which were already squashed, with the others relentlessly continuing on their perilous way! Alas, I didn't have my camera to hand.

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