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hoverfly in kitchen

Found in my kitchen in January! Very surprised to see it.

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It is not M. florea, which is

It is not M. florea, which is very yellow with a broken transverse bar on the thorax. I would guess at E. arbustorum on the basis that it does not seem to be any of the others and the face (while not at the best angle) shows no shiny stripe. They can also be very dark, like this one. Certainly early - you must have a cosy kitchen.



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Female Eristalis definitely, but species is difficult. The wings have rather large and clear dark shades, which might suggest horticola more than arbustorum, perhaps. Not sure. Appears not to be tenax, which is the one I usually see first in any year...


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Thanks for your replies. Really appreciate your help with this. Think I'll just go for Eristalis sp. to be on the safe side.