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Jonathan Crewe's 1st spot submitted on 19th April 2009

Observed: 19th April 2009 By: Jonathan Crewe
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I saw this insect in my garden in bright sunlight; it appeared to hover in between quite rapid lateral movements. After a minute it landed on the privet hedge and basked in the sunshine; time about 9.15 am, air temperature about 10 degrees C. It looks like a bee but I think it is probably a hoverfly.

  • Hoverfly
    Confidence: It might be this.
    Likely ID
    Dronefly (Eristalis spp)
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
    ID agreements (): 2 People
    • Martin Harvey
      Berkshire Moth GroupFSC - Field Studies CouncilSoldierflies and Allies Recording SchemeBuckinghamshire Invertebrate Group
      Invertebrates expert
    • ExobasidiumExobasidium’s reputation in InvertebratesExobasidium’s reputation in Invertebrates
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The beetle Oiceoptoma

The beetle Oiceoptoma thoracicum is sometimes attracted to light traps and also flight interception traps where the carrion beetles are common at a site. It is further said to be attracted to the fruiting body smell of stinkhorn fungi.