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Orangish, greenish, blueish Darter

Observed: 10th September 2010 By: Rabbi WP ThinrodRabbi WP Thinrod’s reputation in InvertebratesRabbi WP Thinrod’s reputation in Invertebrates
Downy Emerald, Cordulia aenea - Windrush Lakes Park, Witney

This Darter settled on my wife's pink jumper while we walked alongside the R Windrush nr Witney. I thought it might be the Downy Emerald but none of the colours is quite right. It may be that the garment has reflected onto the insect's abdomen and distorted the colours.

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Downy Emerald

I think it might be a Downy Emerald (Cordulia aenea)


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could it be...

...a mature female Common Darter?

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Common Darter.

As Norris has said, this is a mature female darter.

It is almost certainly a Common Darter (indistinct yellow stripe on legs rules out Ruddy Darter).
I have left the certainty level as "It's likely to be this..." because there is an extremely small possibility that it could be a species that is not usually recorded in the UK (unlikely though!).