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DSC00286 spalted

Observed: 14th January 2011 By: raikesraikes’s reputation in Fungi and Lichensraikes’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
DSC00286 spalted

dark lines and lighter areas first signs of rot,would like to encourage this in my wood store can ISPOT help please?


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The dark lines as I

The dark lines as I understand it are the battle ground between two opposing fungi. I think it is unlikely that you would be able to encourage or introduce this effect artificially.

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spalted wood

You can get spalting in your wood if you leave logs outside in the weather.It will not occur in a wood store because the wood will be too dry.Softer woods will probably spalter quicker than harder woods. Sycamore can get nice blue markings in a few months.In time the fungus will form fruiting bodies on the surface.The wood will normally still be usable after the first fungi appear.If left the fungi will fruit each year and the wood will get softer each year.Drying the timber will stop the proses.It is trial and error when the spalting is at its best.Be careful the spalting may create local weaknesses in the wood which are not obvious until you put in on the lathe.Be ready to duck.