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flat bed scanners

I have been looking at some of the recent fossil posts and the comments about photo quality.

If you have a scanner you can get really good results by using it for objects.

Level up the objects with small dabs of Blu-tak.

Cover the objects with a cream or light grey cloth, felt is best.

Get experimenting during the winter to find your best settings.




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Not done this myself but have

Not done this myself but have also heard that other people have got good results scanning various natural objects.
One word of caution though, fossils and other hard objects can seriously damage the glass on the scanner and make it unusuable for high quality scanning other things so be careful. possibly try using a thin sheet of clear plastic over the glass to protect it. also make sure you clean the glass after use so you don't leave bits of chalk and other debris there which may scratch the glass later.
I mention this particularly because I sometimes use a scanner for large format film scanning and have seen several scanners ruined for this high quality purpose by people accidentally scratching staples across the glass.